Unique and original art by Clint:

Clint is an exciting and refreshing contemporary artist. His hand drawn digital art has been printed in archival quality on fine art papers and canvases. Many of his exquisitely produced works are hugely "symbolic" and "conceptual" but often with a powerful story to be told or meaning to be portrayed.

Clint is very comfortable in the marriage of technology and artistic flair; he taps into his prior knowledge gained through technical and business formal studies and combines it with the "street" education. His artistic style of Digital Expressionism brings you art that is both bold and ambitious. He is not afraid to show strengths to be different. The particular brilliance of this enthusiastic contemporary artist lies in the creation of atmosphere with a mischievous eye for detail.

Clint's choice of the digital media is more than obvious; the Digital Renaissance era has lead to increasing perfection both in conceiving the art and in producing the best quality and this is the dream of Michelangelo come true.

Clint's art on the Web

Clint's AutoGallery exhibit