Ante Barisic

"Hello and welcome. My name is Ante Barisic. I am a visual artist - Autodidact.

"I love to explore new painting techniques. For the last 7-8 years, I wanted to explore the possibilities of computer media for the realization of works of art. Actually, I wanted to see the possibilities of this medium, to determine what is right and what's wrong, what should be done and how to do it. Only a few months ago I came up with good results. And then, metaphorically speaking, the first time I thought 'it will succeed!' my limp converted into normal walk.

"If my work is interesting to anyone, it is primarily because I observe this experimental form of art in awe, very carefully, because it creates for me a sense of infinity. I cannot stress enough how important honesty is in this work. Only almost brutal honesty can provide to me the necessary courage to come together with this medium in complete humility. Modesty in my generation accepted as a virtue."

Ante Barisic's AutoGallery exhibit