Constantin Alexiades

Constantin Alexiades is a Greek architect and painter.

"I studied architecture and "arts plastiques" at E.N.S.B.A. (Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux Arts) in Paris. I have been painting and drawing since childhood.

"Some years ago I encountered digital painting. I love its multilevel features, the unlimited number of options, the freedom of color or layer choices. I paint mostly abstract works.

"In most of my attempts I can't really predict the final result of painting. I start to paint, based on an initial idea?

"In my landscapes and seascapes (figurative paintings) the procedure of the creation has the same technique characteristics. I work mainly through my imagination or memory of the splendid landscapes of my beloved country, using a variety of digital painting software packages. My paintings can be found in numerous private collections around the world.

"I live in Greece."

Constantin Alexiades's AutoGallery exhibit