Laurentiu Todiť

I'm a photographer/painter photographing what I see on my computer from both the real world and the virtual. My work is heavy on the post-production side. Most of it starts as semi-poetic thought, but some as geometric visions.

Pointillists and Pop artists have used dots in their work. I use pixels. I reduce the resolution of photos (usually screen shots of my own images or from the public domain) to make them hardly recognizable. I then interpolate the files to my favorite 60 pixel x 40 pixel size for output and paint on the enlarged pixels to give the work an impasto look. In doing this I create a hybrid between abstract and representational art. While I make the inspirations hardly recognizable, the style of the final output is distinctly mine. Very few photographers have recognizable styles. I add a personal touch to photography and often use sources that count on the viewer's memory for an "aha!" moment.

My images can be enjoyed for their abstract, intrinsic beauty. I answer the ubiquitous question: "What does this abstract piece represent?" The answer is a more or less photo-realistic thumbnail.

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