Raymond Payette

Ray Payette is a retired computer analyst who has returned to his youthful passion, art. He uses his imagination to improve photos. He believes that nature is the source of beauty and he craves to create works that are more beautiful than what a photo can reveal. It can be used to restore the image of priceless works of art. He also strives to produce original prints that will be accessible to everyone, because that is one of the basic tenets of our computerized world.

Raymond Payette starts with photos that are corrected, adjusted and reassembled. Typically the sky is modified from a rather dull and uniform one to an exciting one. Then he tries various techniques to reveal the inner beauty. With digital images it is possible to test hundreds of variations before settling on a particular one. Digital art allows greater liberty to the artist who can mix watercolor and oil renderings, for example. One digital canvas can have different canvas textures that would be impossible in reality. The basic image can have many interpretations to reveal different moods, aspects or messages. Then the image's colors are modified to match the giclée's palette; there may be many artist proofs before reaching printing harmony.

Raymond Payette's AutoGallery exhibit