Bryant Davis

When I started this work I was aware of conceptual blending. When using conceptual blending you are taking concepts from one discipline and using them in another. For example, using concepts taken from computer science to create art.

But what if I used concepts found within one discipline and used them in the same discipline? Within art there are many movements, styles, and schools of thought.

I love etymology and I like to play with words. I also like to invent. And so, I would like to take this opportunity to present an Idea that I have been working on, something I would like to call homoceptual blending. Which I would define as using concepts that can be found in other pre-existing art styles and recombining them in different ways to create new pieces of art.

The pieces I have presented have incorporated concepts taken from styles I have studied and admire (low complexity art, generative art, process art, glitch...just to name a few).

Bryant Davis' art on the Web

Bryant Davis' AutoGallery exhibit