Brut Carniollus

Brut's artworks are essentially digital collages based on photography and computer generated random pseudo-spatial graphic patterns resembling topographic maps entwined into a real-life landscape, mostly urban. The central theme is unidirectional as well as omni-directional vision and synchronicity, an attempt at analytical re-exposition of unconscious elements of human vision. The very essence of perceiving time as an irreversible progression of tiny moments, as well as the notion of solid space, is being questioned. Time and space, position and direction are no longer separate entities; different moments in time and several views of the same place are being recombined into what seems to be an abstraction at first sight. The remaining few recognisable details lure active spectator to examine delusive construct only to discover more and more familiar fragments with every glimpse, complementing completed construction of the artwork with creative deconstruction and reconstruction of the viewing process. On the other hand, when the resulting artwork appears to be just another photograph, it almost certainly isn't, provoking the viewer to discover the plot behind it.

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