Andrea Bonaventura

Andrea Bonaventura (Roma 1967 - ) lives and works in Rome. He has a Master degree in Statistics from University of Rome and he is active as poet and painter since 1986. Since 1994 he has devoted himself to the creation of digital art and in particular digital art portraits.

ARTE 21 is a laboratory for creation of digital art. Its activity is focused on the work of Andrea Bonaventura, with contributions by a number of other artists, art critics, software and printing experts, art conoisseurs.

ARTE 21 creates and distributes paintings and digital art objects. Digital art is technically reproducible and each artwork can exist in more than one unique copy. The same digital art item can be reproduced with different printing techniques, on different supports, in different sizes. This contributes to avoid speculative pricing of art items. It also avoids any excessive limitation to the huge freedom in artistic research and allows a great degree of customization with the help of advanced reproduction techniques. The basic concept behind the activity of ARTE 21 is that, first of all, we buy art because we like it, not only because we are planning an investment or we want to own some artwork exclusively. ARTE 21 thus tries to provide contemporary art items outside the mainstream speculative distribution channels.

Andrea Bonaventura's art on the Web

Andrea Bonaventura's AutoGallery exhibit