Andreina Polo

"...the denial can be decisive, and more of the refusal of a possibility. The deprivation has consequences that we can not provide or assess with precision..." (G. Steiner)

"My self-portraits, using doubles, have declined in the plural. To leave, for example, from: 'The identity turns the corner,' a photographic project in which I assembled several self-portraits, photographed on edges of the walls of my house. Using many languages, are plurals even in the identity; I chose, in fact, one for each type of work: Andreina Polo, Poloenord, INA, INA being, Polo X, etc..."

"'The games are made to go further,' wrote Pascali, and I believe that the way to operate, creating double and diversified languages, goes in the sense of that prediction."

"My work is work in progress, using a range of media: painting, photos, videos, music and text."

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