Simon Levin

"In all my works, I use my knowledge of photography and art to create a lasting visual impression. Every work is the result of a long process; every picture is born during the creative search; every design is full of my inner world. Each of my works communicates different moods, colors and emotions."

Simon Levin, Composer, Photographer and Digital Painter, was born in Minsk (Belarus) in 1948. He attended music school beginning in childhood, as well as musical college (Grodno, 1964-1968) and a music program at Moscow University of the Arts (1976), where he specialized in accordion and the conducting of folk orchestras. Simon Levin was also the Winner of an All-Union competition of musicians using national instruments. Concurrently, he studied composition with professor S. Balasanyan at the Moscow Conservatory. Simon Levin composes digital sheet music. He also writes traditional music for trumpet, trombone, clarinet, violin and other instruments. Levin's compositions have been executed by winners of international competitions in the USSR and abroad. Simon Levin writes music in many different styles.

In the late 1960s, Simon took lessons in painting from a national artist of the USSR, Nikolay Zhukov.

Since 1991, Simon has worked in the genre of photography and computer graphics.

Simon Levin's AutoGallery exhibit