Javier Infantes

"Born in Estepona (Malaga), Spain. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Madrid, at Complutense University. Certified in Graphic Design. Malaga, Spain. Studied Photography in Seville and Madrid and Drawing in New York. He worked as a teacher of painting and photography in Spain. Since the nineties he has published his works in various media including Abc newspaper (Madrid), El Viejo Topo (Barcelona), Claridad (Madrid), Calviva (Madrid), Extramuros (Granada), Escribir y Publicar (Barcelona), Revistart (Barcelona) and Iberoamericana International (Miami). Collaborates at present with the magazine Claves de Razon Practica directed by Javier Pradera and Fernando Savater.

"He illustrated texts of Noam Chomsky, Stephen Jay Gould, Fernando Reinares, Ilia Galan, Julian Santamaria among other personalities. In addition, his work has appeared illustrating the interview with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, published in the number 161 of the magazine Claves de Razon Practica.

"Javier Infantes understands creation as a language of experimentation, as a method of investigation and acquisition of knowledge and not a mere representation of what surrounds us, all of this based on the freedom to create. He is interested in traveling somehow, towards our inner selves, towards what we are: thought, emotion, feeling, memory. Moreover, he is attracted by our ability to generate intelligence, sensations, recollections.

" 'Recollections make us who we are. Perhaps, we are what we remember,' he says.

"He exhibited his work in International Art Fairs (ArtExpo, NY. Jacob Javits Center (2009), MarbArt, Spain (2009). In addition, he participated in the Iberoamerican Art Show at Tower Theater Gallery in Miami (2008), at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, during the NY Couture Fashion Week (2010) and also in the Chelsea Room at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC (2011). His work is represented in Spain by Stoa Gallery (www.stoagallery.com)."

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