Soren Froberg

I began my creative career using oil paint on canvas, but before long my interest in photography grew. After a few years, photography became my profession, and has been so for many years now.

In recent years, however, I've focused on finding an expression in which photography and painting are combined into a single unit. My pictures are a mix of these two techniques.

I live and grew up in Sweden, a Scandinavian country where darkness is almost constant throughout the winter, so that longing for the summer and the light grows very intense.

Nordic light is special. It contains a blend of melancholy and hope, and its unique quality of ranging from darkness around the clock to lightness 24 hours a day fascinates many. In the northern part of Sweden, the sun is does not set at all from late May to mid July.

Light and darkness are my greatest inspirations: the dark so large and intense during the winter and the light so bright and intense in summer.

My art is very much about dealing with these changing seasons, and with the dark and light experiences that we humans go through. And with a little bit of humour, life goes easier.

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