Helga Schmitt Pullach

Helga Schmitt was born 1936 in Augsburg, Germany. The former bookseller in Frankfurt and Munich lives in Pullach since 1971. As late as in 1998 the artist taught herself the technical knowhow and started the making of digital art, encouraged by her good relationship to contemporary literature and fine art throughout her life. In a way her creative work is also influenced by her father-in-law Prof. Otto Michael Schmitt (1904 - 1992) and her nearness to his lifework of fine art.

Helga Schmitt about motivation and themes:

Faced with the pure real landscape and architecture I'm interested not only in the atmosphere, the contrasting colors, the proportions; even more the small fragments and structures being discovered will inspire me. By transforming, reconstructing and regrouping these elements I try to create brand new situations, topographies, alternated views, virtual artifacts. Sometimes the results seem to be weird, however they are not, not more or less than the memories left by the fantastic surreal happenings and locations in our dreams. Awaken we can or must return to reality. Except we try to continue with creative dreaming. If You agree, like I do, with my digital shapes and colors.

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