Daniel Runfola

Daniel Runfola was born in Jamestown NY in 1950 and currently lives and works in New Jersey. He writes:

In my gallery named "Painting for the 21st Century" are paintings on canvas and mixed media works on paper (inkjets). Many of the images are composed of live broadcast images from the Internet and TV, often recording, in real time, current political, social, cultural events and issues. What emerges is a new style of painting that bridges traditional painting and technology by using the computer as "visual art instrument." The power of technology becomes my brush, pigment and canvas. Through these works I am a part of the American expressionist figurative and abstract expressionist tree, which is rooted in the New York School of painting which continues to push the limits of painting and high art.

1969  Attended Boston University Business School and changed to art major
1970  Attended Boston Museum School of Fine Arts Tuffs University
1975  Attended the University of Texas at Austin and majored in painting and printmaking. Worked for the Learning and Media Research Project Psychology Department where I made my first computer?based artwork
1975  Received B.F.A. degree with honors from the University of Texas at Austin
1975  Moved to Brooklyn New York and was admitted to Pratt Institute Graduate School majoring in painting and printmaking.
1980  Received M.F.A. degree from Pratt Institute in painting and printmaking
1981  Group show at Hudson River Museum, Bronx, New York
1982  Group show at Trenton State College
1983  Group Show at University of Delaware
1984  Group show at Crimson Gallery Philadelphia, PA
1985  Started Decorative Art Painting business specializing in trompe l?oeil, faux finishes and murals.
1999  Started series "Recorded Expressions" and "A Dialogue With Color"
2007  Invited to show "A Dialogue of Color" in group show at the Alpan Gallery Huntington Long Island, New York

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