Jorge Portela

"For several years now, Jorge Portela has been working on creating innovative art. He has found out and proven to himself that the computer era can also be transposed to art, becoming a reviving part of Painting, Sculpting, Photography and other Visual Arts, for it enables the artist to synthesize the Arts status quo and create entirely new art forms. Virtual Art Works also have a far and wider reach potential which was unheard of until today.

"Jorge Portela was born in Lisbon in 1949. His first individual painting and drawing exhibit was held at the 'Diário de Notícias' Art Gallery in 1964. He graduated in Law at the Lisbon's Law University. He attended an engraving course at the Portuguese art school ARCO and a photography course at the Portuguese Photography Institute in Lisbon. He also attended the Fine Arts course at the 'Paris American Academy' in Paris. In the 90's Jorge Portela started his Digital Series Art work. In 2004 he was invited to a case study for Corel and in 2005 for MyPictureMarc. In that same year he was guest artist at the 'Science and Art' Meeting in Arrábida (Portugal), which was organized by the Complexity Sciences Institute promoted by the Orient foundation and the Gulbenkian Foundation. He has also participated in a movie about digital painting for the National Moving Images Archive. He is exhibited at Martins Correia Museum and represented at Boston Cyberarts Festival."

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Jorge Portela's AutoGallery exhibit