Israel Herzl

My name is Israel Herzl. I was born in 1949 in Tel Aviv. I am an electrical engineer, and worked for many years as a project manager on big projects in High Tech. As part of my work I accompanied my clients to distant countries in Asia and Middle America, and was influenced by their colorful and exotic people, views, life and markets. As an avid art lover, I also had the opportunity to visit the most important art museums in Europe and America. An enthusiastic photographer, I mastered several software packages, including Photoshop, various fractal packages such as Ultra Fractal, art software like PopArt Studio, etc.

Because of unsuccessful operations on my two eyes, I was nearly blind for almost a year. This was a big crisis for me and took more than two years to recover from.

I did not stop to believing in God and miracles.

When I began to see better in 2006, I started to seriously study art, painting and digital painting.

I prefer to cite one of the important artists about my artwork and inspirations.

"Israel Herzl brings to vent internal memories, and color dimensions, play of color and shape, the pace and movement and combines them with digital art capabilities. The result is stunning, harmonious and aesthetic, with success to develop his own personal line. The series of 'My Imagenary Fractal World' is full of symbols which are most notably eyes, nervous systems and brain processes related to human vision. The ability to distinguish colors has many issues in it. He brings us a magical world of mirrors and color.

His works concern the different currents of art history, especially Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, New York School and Pop artists. His works have not skipped over artists like Mondrian, Dali, Victor Vasarely, Pollock, Riley, Noland and others. Hence he tries to join them all and create his own language."

Today I am considered one of the Digital Art experts in Israel. One of my missions is volunteer lecturing. The most popular subjects are:

1. Digital Art Pioneers -- The first 20 years

2. Digital Art Today in the world

3. Digital Art in Israel

Israel Herzl's art on the Web

Israel Herzl's AutoGallery exhibit