R. Gopakumar

The freedom of expression is the importance of the Contemporary Art. In the present scenario, many of the artists take "self Identity" as their subjects. He was also not spared from this.

I am not a traditionalist, questioning the social condition of the society. To achieve this, I use visual arts but not bothered of forms, color, medium etc.

The main elements of painting, forms and colors deployed with juxtaposition. We can see the influence of metaphysics, cognitive science, anthropology and psychology in his works, also contemporary culture, globalization, environmentalism, and consumerism too.

He was also influenced by the Conceptual art, Abstract art, Indian Tantrik Art and African Textile design. We can feel the transparent color pattern overlapped many places and it forms a rhythm and flow. Abstraction and realism are merged in these works. One of the importances you can see in his work is that there is no barrier of time, place, space, religion, sex, etc.: it is universal.

I like layers, the sand layers of the desert that form after the soft wind, the mud layers of the ponds after the reduction of the water, same way the pieces of the onion and meat etc. are all influenced my painting patterns. These layers are the basic concepts of the universe.

Academic Qualifications:

National Diploma in Fine Arts [Painting] 1990 - 1995
(Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts, Mavelikkara, Kerala, India)

History of Art Diploma 2008 - 2009
(The London Art College, Milnthorpe, UK )

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