Humanized Photography
Giovanni Auriemma
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Born in Naples, Italy, in 1976, Giovanni Auriemma graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples with a major in scenography. Self-taught in computer graphics, he works today as a graphic designer and illustrator. He writes, "I create works of computer art trying to combine the 'human' warmth of ink or the sign of oil-painting with photographic images, even if at the end the latter gets the better of it. I like to contradict the predictability of the photographic picture, inserting unexpected and unusual elements... Of course I am influenced by several artists and tendencies, but dadaism and surrealism are my foremost sources of inspiration. Lately I utilize as models the bodies of elderly men: I'm fascinated by the lack of symmetry, the complexity of the skin and the unusual beauty which permit me to transmit my personal sensations/obsessions or to reinvent ancient myths."

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