Claudio Allia
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Claudio Allia, an ophthamologist in Catania, Italy, was born in 1962, and has been a music writer, producer and sound designer. He is also self-taught photographer, mostly dedicated since the early 1980's to urban/street photography and portraiture. He took to digital photography in 2004, "searching and discovering new artistic and creative paths, alternating surreal/conceptual photography with advertising and fine art imaging.

"I belong to a vast category of people who live two different lives blended into the same body and soul: a sort of Dr Jackyll and Mr Hyde who handles a never-ending conflict between his creative, idealist and visionary side and his rational, socially-conventional and common side. To balance those opposite without frustration wasn' t easy at all, but finally I was able to dedicate my deepest scientific knowledge and faculties to helping people ease their physical suffering while at the same time focusing my artistic and creative dreams on my own spiritual needs. At last my approach to photography is the same as I have to music: it explodes as a sort of neuronal alchemy... there are no rules at all and I feel free to blow up as a desert wind.....

"Every day of my life I feel to be so lucky watching and discovering through my eyes the world around me! An estimated 37 million people worldwide are blind and 124 million have low vision. Every year an additional 1-2 million persons go blind. I love to dedicate my visual emotions to those people."

Micronirico is a composed word that in Italian means dreams.

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