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View all Donnie 2018 entries to date
(listed in alphabetical order by artist's last name)

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Sherry Karver
The Singer

Nina Koelman
Blaues Gras (Blue Grass)
Schachtelung (Nesting)
Vibration (Vibration)
Wasserfall (Waterfall)

Jan Kolling
Brooklyn Decay
Kitchen Sink Drama

Nicholas McCumber
Box 36
Box 37
Box 38b, Nature Vision
Box 39
Box 40
Box 41

Randall Morris
Judgement Day at the Art Gallery
Path of Hope
Musical: Here Comes Hillary, Again
Good Intentions, Bad Intentions
La Royale des Arts

Ronald Tatro
Scribl Head Color

Gina Topping
White House
Man of the Cloth, Recycled
Do Not Go Gently
D. P. Sullivan Unplugged @ 07/01/2017
Park Bench
Still Life (Therefore)
Trump Alley

Jay Wilson

Shige Yamada
Reinventing the Wheel

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