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First Prize
Helga Schmitt
Sailor's Gala

Second Prize
Rick Spix (Rykk)

Third Prize
Pauline van de Ven
Noorvaarden Beach at Terschelling

Honorable Mention #1
Paul Griffitts
Faberge Factory

Honorable Mention #2
Rod Whyte
Urban Laundry

Honorable Mention #3
Erika Kiechle-Klemt
The Three Nymphs

Honorable Mention #4
Renata Spiazzi

Honorable Mention #5
Gina Topping
End of the Road or Top of the Mountain?


As always, when given the privilege to judge a MOCA art contest, I kept one eye open for Art...good composition, control of color, shapes and forms that together speak of something beyond their selves. When a work stimulates my own creativity and makes me think or laugh or wonder, I figure I am looking at strong Art.

I keep the other eye open for "the digital." By that I mean those aspects of the work that could not have been achieved by any other set of tools. I strive to identify works that go beyond simulating what all the traditional tools (brushes, paints, charcoal, photography) can do and markedly speaks of the artist's use of digital tools, techniques and processes.

No one cares to hear about how hard it is to judge an art exhibition or contest, especially if your own artwork does not make it into the final cut. After all, the harder the field is to judge simply coincides with the amount of really good work there is being done. So, to all the entrants, I say "thank you" for making my job harder each year. This simply proves to me that digital art is getting better and better.

JD Jarvis
Las Cruces, New Mexico
February, 2014