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First Prize
Jean-Louis Lassez
Paint by Number Fractal

Second Prize
Wil Watty
On Time

Third Prize
Bernd Dreilich
More Than Meats the Eye

Honorable Mention #1
Michael Setter
The Pearl Fisher

Honorable Mention #2
Helga Schmitt
Cappadocian Chimneys

Honorable Mention #3
Michael Mardus
Dead Flowers

Honorable Mention #4
Bruce Thacker

Honorable Mention #5
Vincenzo Corrado
Time and Memory


Judge's Statement

There was so much better quality art this time than I think we have ever seen in the Donnie Awards. The job of choosing just eight (let alone a top three) is getting tougher and tougher. In the end, I feel as if my choices were some sort of attempt to organize the strongest representation of certain pictorial themes that I saw in the collection as a whole.

But, at the same time, I had to leave out some themes and works (possibly some old friends) that, while very strong, were either reminiscent statements of work that I have already seen or colorful "new" work that has not yet been pushed and refined past its initial technical skills level. I trust what I have chosen represents to others a broad view of work that is beautiful, exciting, thoughtful... oh! and don't forget... fun.

[There is] a real upward spike this year in sophistication and technique among nearly all the entries. It makes me very happy to see this evolution in the work that we all have been so lucky to follow in the electronic pages of MOCA. Congratulations to all the entrants.

JD Jarvis
Las Cruces, New Mexico
February, 2013