The Donnie2007 Winners

First Prize
Bird in a Basket
Peter Ciccariello

Second Prize
Ecce Homo 3
Thomas Demuth

Third Prize
Intestines of Being (Seinsgeweide)
Bjoern Daempfling

First Honorable Mention
Torso, Female
Dieter Bruhns

Second Honorable Mention
Unclassified Objects 2
Vlatko Ceric

Third Honorable Mention
The Time Machine User
Michael Ammel

Fourth Honorable Mention
The Watchers
Susie Holderfield

Fifth Honorable Mention
Keep Your Windows Shut
Werner Hornung

JD Jarvis
Myriam Lozada
Andy McGivern
Joe Nalven
Margot Palmer
Bruce Price
Steve Soper
Daryl Wise
Don Archer