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   Antero de Alda was born in 1961 (October 23). 

   He is graduated in painting for School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and Educative Technologies in the University of Minho, Braga.

   Plastic artist and poet, located between the semiotic experimentalism and some documental lyrical iconography, he has been collaborating in several publications of the speciality such as  

«Poemografias» (ed. Ulmeiro), «Mappe Dell'Immaginario» (ed. Il Campo, Italy), «Postextual» (Mexico) and «DOC(K)S» (France), since 1981.  

   He worked with E.M. Melo e Castro, Ana Hatherly, António Aragão, Alberto Pimenta and others, being considered one of the most important authors of visual poetry in Portugal. 

   He published «memory of hibakusha and other poems» (1986) and «The Century C.N.A.» (1999). 

   He still has other dispersed works in different countries as Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Brazil.

   He lives in Amarante, near of Porto, PORTUGAL.

   His art is shamelessly and brilliantly avant-garde. It is compounded of poetry, sound and movement, and may be categorized as programming art or web art. It relies heavily on JavaScript and Flash. It is not conventional digital art by any means but it is certainly digital art with a difference. MOCA has installed it in its New Media gallery.

   The artist prepared these pages especially for MOCA presentation.