Digital Video and Audio Art
The Block Change
by Truman Brown


Truman Brown is perhaps the most innovative and creative fractal artist on the web.

Truman Brown writes:

"While a painter, a sculptor, a designer, or even a craftsman might have a clear vision of that which they hope to create, a fractal artist is forever exploring, capturing, and coloring new, undiscovered objects and terrains. For me, this is a critical distinction, as it explains the "why" of what I do. The creative satisfaction of fractal artistry lies not in the construction of the vision, but rather in the discovery of the Never-Seen, Never-Known, yet Was-Always-There. We fractal artists do not "reproduce the visible;" rather, we make it visible. We are day-tripping, button-pushing risk-takers who ride the rapid CPU, navigating down alternating formulas until discovering the strangest, coolest, freakiest manifestation of shapes and colors yet to be viewed by human eyes. We're never completely certain of where we're going, but we certainly think we know it when we see it."

Please wait for video to load. 5 minutes 7 seconds playing time. It is an example of the dramatic possibilities inherent in 3D rendering applied to the geometry of Benoit Mandelbrot.

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