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October 5 - October 22, 2010

This is an index of artists and images in contest
in alphabetical order by artist's last name

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Maître André
Caricatures 053

Claudio Braier
Restless Triplets
Stay Children Way from Fire

Dominique Brunzlik
Philon of Byzanz
2012 - Final Destination
Panta Rhei

Leymarie Chantal
Play the Music

Connie Livingston Dunn
Playing on the Grid

When I Was Dead

Donna Eder
Bird Horse

Sharon Fenwick
The Depth of My Soul

Ursula Freer
Summer Rain

Eva Gyorffy
Optical Illusion Signal

HorseNoodles (Chris Whittington)
Hall Window
Heat Wave
This Ain't Venice

Des Kilfeather

Karin Kuhlmann
Deus ex Machina
Welcome to the Second Floor

Mark Leeds

Dan McCormack

Randy Morris
Portrait by Cherry Tree

Scott Michael Potter
Cosmic Tree Meets Kabbalah

Tracy Satchwill

Mohammad Shayestehkia
Blue Virgin

Joan Myerson Shrager
You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Christina Siebold
Give Them Back Their Souls
Living Movement
Order of the Day

Zvonimir Vladanovic
Departure 2

Shige Yamada
X Factor

Jay Wilson

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