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Catalogs of our Exhibits and Contests

MOCA publishes a series of catalogs of our shows and contests in collaboration with, the online publisher. You can order up to 24 different catalogs.

All catalogs are in authentic full-color on gloss paper. They are careful and elegant publications. All images entered into the event are reproduced authoritatively, each on on its own page. For the student of digital art, this series records the history of fine digital art in our era. For the participating artist, these catalogs serve as a valuable promotonal tool and self-advertisement.

Series designer is Steve Soper. Editor is MOCA director Don Archer.

Prices range from $55.00 to $119.00 depending on format, size and number of pages. Shipping is extra.

You can buy any catalog (and all 23) by clicking on images and going directly to Blurb, the publisher, to order.

Inaugural Exhibit
  Donnie 2009
  Contest March 2009
Spring Festival
  Brooklyn Internationale
  First Anniversary
  Contest October 2009
Digitalism II
  Donnie 2010
  Contest March 2010
  Olympiad & Festival 2010
2nd Anniversary Exhibit
  Contest October 2010
  Digitalism III, Donnie 2011
  Bklyn Bridge, June 2011
Salon 1, July 2011
  Donnie 2012
  Donnie 2013
  20th Anniversary
Donnie 2014
  Donnie 2015
  Donnie 2016
  Donnie 2017

Click on catalog image to go to Blurb, the publisher, to preview and order.

Thank you and enjoy!

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