Collage: Memory
Dieter Bruhns
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Dieter Bruhns makes digital collage into a high art. Born 1949 in Lübeck, Germany, he studied art education and mathematics in Kiel and has been a high school teacher in Lübeck for many years. He writes, "I think artwork nowadays is not possible without digital media." He uses his digital camera to scour the landscape for "the trash of a consumer world," looking for the scraps that people throw away that are "nearly without meaning to anyone." Later, in a longer working process, he tries to give these cultural fragments a new meaning in a new context, relying, it would seem, on memory. He say that this transformation is the main principle behind his collage art. These scraps are often pieces of newsprint or string or unidentifiable objects, and they are recapitulated throughout the series. It is the background texture that powerfully distinguishes one image from another.

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