Gina Topping

No art has been received for Gina Toppings's 2017 Autogallery exhibit.
The art shown here has been copied over from Gina's 2016 exhibit.


Hello, i hope i'm back... I've been gone awhile, i hope y'all missed my art this year.
Less competition, eh?

Been off my face, drunk, crazy paved with grief.
After sharing, caring 24/7, nursing and cursing...
My bro and my lifelong mate die in the same year.

"Why did you bring me into this world
if i'm gonna die?" what kid hasn't thought or said that?
yeah i was right back to contemplating all that.

My art has always been about death,
since i could hold a pencil, i confess
i want success so i can share it
(i'm a girl, we are soft like that) and i
wanna make a success out of all those unlived lives.
The "everyones" with a masterpiece in their hearts,
snuffed before they could weave dreams, score their goals.

So now my work is going deeper
and i am gonna try to fuck your souls
into remembering, and feeling, that pitch perfect
time in your life before it became littered with loss.

i am going down, down, down, down on you lot
so hang on, pass me my Mac book, Bro.

Just so you get me.

How you feel is all that's left in the end.
Put more heart in that art.
Put more lead in that virtual pencil.

Thank you, dear mentor, Don Archer.

Gina Topping's AutoGallery 2016 exhibit