Andrew Cole

Chess is a sequentially perfect information zero-sum combinatorial (i.e., no luck) game. Humans and computers play chess to win and ignore the esthetic beauty of the structures and forces they create in the course of their games. As a separate endeavor, one can articulate the forces and structures created in each individual match in a way that draws in the viewer and creates an aesthetically pleasing image. This process can also be applied to chess variants as well as the Asian game of go.

I look at these two dimensional human constructions as a toolbox to create structures and particle interactions that may or may not duplicate reality, but their integrity within the rules is maintained just as in real life. I have had the opportunity to attack uncharted territory using the tools provided by one discipline to create my own version of another. I hope eventually someone else will use one of these toolboxes to create their own vision so that I can enjoy and learn from their efforts.

Andrew is a MOCA grandmaster.

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