Carlo Scanagatta

Digital art and design create possibilities to explore the reality that surrounds and blossoms within us. The objective of my work is to stimulate observation, questioning, memories and daydreaming.

Have you ever stopped all of your activities or distractions to contemplate what goes on inside your mind at any given moment? Rather amazing, isn’t it?

Through our senses, the external world, the other from us”, constantly stimulates our minds. We live inside our own kaleidoscope of thoughts, visions, sensations, feelings, ideas and knowledge. Without any doubt, this vivacious subjectivity of ours is an undeniable mark of humanness. By feeling, observing, questioning, remembering and so forth, we interact with and adopt an infinite set of slices from the world around us.

Art as we conceive it, having being born from our ancestors around –(we believe)– 40000 years ago, represents one type of interplay between “the other from us” and us.

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