Glanfyll Lewis

Glanfyll Lewis started experimenting with computer painting in 1994 following the introduction of computers in his architectural practice. He became fascinated with the possibility of creating abstract and semi-abstract images from a foetal beginning, moving from the initial simplistic stages to more complex arrangements of colour, texture and 3D spatial forms.

He encourages diversity in his work starting from the premise that the element of chance should be embraced and not ignored and that the complexity of form; spatial arrangements of colours; textures etc can lead to an increased potential for accident. He calls this 'discovery on route'. He considers that process; accident and complexity are the prime movers in the development of digital painting.

Glanfyll's background is architecture with an academic edge having lectured at a number of Universities in the U.K. and completed a doctorate in Human Biology at Surrey University.

I start any piece of work knowing that the process of metamorphic development will occur naturally via the combination of my thinking process and the subsequent movement of my mouse.

My starting point is known but the end result is not. I'm constantly aware that any study of nature shows 'diversity of form'. This principle I encourage in every painting. I have no interest in whether one piece of work has a similarity with a previous piece. If a trend develops over time, then this will be the result of internal influences and not any conscious intentions.

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