Werner Hornung and Pal Sarkozy

Pal Sarkozy and Werner Hornung are longtime friends. It is quite natural then that one day in 2004 they felt like embarking together on an artistic co-creation adventure. Until then, each one of them had his own personal creative world and they wanted to explore new dimensions to combine "Fine Art" as drawn by Pal with "Digital Art" as created by Werner. Together they created an original mix of drawings, photographic elements and digital creations. The result is a brand new totally unique style that Pal and Werner have dubbed "Digital Fine Art". The title they gave their work "OUT OF MIND" reflects the extent of their imaginary world.

Pal is Hungarian. He arrived in France with a great asset, "an artistic mind and a real talent for drawing," which was to determine the course of his life. In Paris he started to work with a Hungarian painter. Then he quickly found his way drawing for advertisements. This led to a long and very successful career in advertising. At 27, Pal opened his own advertising studio and his business flourished. He worked for famous brands such as Dior and L'Oreal. You will never find him without his pencil, he is always ready to draw a sketch on the corner of a table.

Werner was born in Konstanz in Germany. He arrived in Paris in the early 1970s where he pursued a career in advertising. Apart from running his own studio, Werner always felt the need to fulfil himself through his own artistic creations away from the constraints of the advertising world. His first personal works were collages. Then he used the computer as a tool which allowed him to develop his artistic expression. His personal work has been exhibited on the internet for some time and his participation in various competitions on the web has earned him several awards. For Werner, the most important element in art is the creative mind and not the medium. Their work is available for sale in limited editions.

An earlier exhibit by Werner Hornung at MOCA

Werner Hornung and Pat Sarkozy's AutoGallery exhibit